It never get easier you just get stronger

Who is EC Muscle

My name is Edgar Gerardo Camacho and I am a personal trainer. I certified myself as a trainer the year of 2016. My intentions were simple: work as trainer while I finished school. As time went by I started seeing training not as job, but more as a career. At that moment I started to believe as a trainer I could impact and make a difference. Since then I’ve been working on becoming a trainer who teaches you how to workout and inspires to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

2 Thoughts to “Welcome to EC Muscle”

  1. Fineisha Thompson

    Hey i got your Instagram from my friend Jenny and i would like to discuss your prices and services

  2. Lexi Diaz

    OMG this is the best trainer I have ever worked with! He dedicates his time and efforts on correcting my form and giving me the motivation I need to stay disciplined! I am super grateful to have found him! 10/10 recommend! 🙂

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