Making fitness extraordinarily calibrated to perfect our muscle to perform as an athlete. Not holding back strength and using the will power to overtake any challenge. Using our muscle to perform. To inspire. To impact. This is EC Muscle.

The main focus of my personal training is to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. As your trainer I will help you accomplish your goals and conquer the challenges along the way.


Based on your goals, a personalized program will be provided to YOU. I firmly believe each person is unique, and every client I work with has an interesting and unique story to tell. That is why I follow through with constant check ins through out the course of the program. This helps you and I to hold each other accountable and motivate us to stay consistent with the hardworking required to reach the goals planed

 Fitness is a learned skill and requires a refined disciplined mindset, like an athlete. You will adapt your fitness  to your daily life activities which will require dedication and sacrifice from you. I will be here to help guide you towards your success. This will be a team work effort and as well a learning experience for us both. From now on let us make every effort, session, and moment count by putting in the required hard work and training like an athlete to become elite.